1. Privacy Statement

bLinkcash.com ® is committed to protect your privacy. bLinkcash.com ® is also want to make sure that you always know what information is collected by bLinkcash.com ®, how does bLinkcash.com ® use it, and what conditions required on applying it. This Privacy Policy describes practical information and explain how bLinkcash.com ® takes care your personal information. All the information created or collected through bLinkcash.com ® will be treated in accordance with this policy.


2. Contact & Information Center

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this Privacy Policy then please do not be hesitate to contact bLinkcash.com ® on page of support.


3. Collection and Usage of the Information

Before using the services of bLinkcash.com ®, users have to fulfill an online application form that has been provided and the user must provide the following data:

Full Name, Email, Liberty Reserve Account and other important data. In order to protect user’s privacy from the abuse of information, several parts of the information cannot be edited.

In some cases, the information provided by users on bLinkcash.com ® is intended for internal verification process as a way of protecting users for the security and compliance. In this process, bLinkcash.com ® will ask users to submit the documents that is required to verify some information provided on the site of bLinkcash.com ®.


  • Cookies Information

Cookies are pieces of information stored on the user's personal computer. bLinkcash.com ® uses sessions and cookies. Users can simply delete cookies according to the instructions from their browser. But in some cases this will cause problems in the user's ability to use the site of bLinkcash.com ®.

The session is collected and used when users move from one page to another page on bLinkcash.com ®, and any information stored will be remembered during this session lasted.

Cookies are collected and used for the next visits of the users of bLinkcash.com ® sites, improving the user’s experience throughout the sites of bLinkcash.com ®. bLinkcash.com ® does not collect personal information from user’s computer.


  • File Log Information

As the standard of a web server, bLinkcash.com ® uses file log. This file log stores information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), exit pages or the referral pages, Operating System (OS) type, Time Stamp, and transaction history.

The information stored in file log are used to view the traffic of data on bLinkcash.com ®, analyze trends, manage bLinkcash.com ® platform and trace user's movement aggregately.


  • Usage of Information

bLinkcash.com ® is the sole authorized owner of the two information. They are provided by users during the registration process and collected through cookies and file log.

  • Information and Third Party

bLinkcash.com ® will not share, sell or lease users' personal information with the third parties, either for marketing purposes or for other reasons that are not strictly associated with the main purposes in which the information was collected, except the user allows bLinkcash.com ® to do so.

  • Profile

bLinkcash.com ® only collect or save the information from a third party or social network to create a user profile on bLinkcash.com ®.

bLinkcash.com ® does not save information such as passwords or other personal data that are not permitted by users to be accessed by bLinkcash.com ® from a third party or social network.


4. Communications from the Site bLinkcash.com ®

  • Advertising

As an Online Business platform on the Internet with the basis of social internet marketing, bLinkcash.com ® will only send advertising information through bLinkcash.com ® platform.

  • Newsletter and Opt out

Each bLinkcash.com ® user will be activated as a subscriber of a newsletter from bLinkcash.com ®, users are allowed to do opt out in order to stop the latest information service from bLinkcash.com ®.

  • Customer Service

bLinkcash.com ® communicates to users in 2 ways, through community channels and the e-mail, any official support for the services performed only within bLinkcash.com ® platform and only via email, supports of the service through the community are only like experience sharing among users and not always be an official support from bLinkcash.com ®.

  • Blog

bLinkcash.com ® offers the official blog that is publicly-accessible. Blogs are used only as one way information media to post announcements that might be useful to the user. Users should be aware, the information they share can be accessed by other users.


5. Options

Users are given the option to disclose personal information where they want to share with fellow users.


6. Profile Access

Users are given access to the personal profile to be changed. However, particularly on the profile of email and Liberty Reserve accounts, they cannot change. For the security reasons this information cannot be changed in any condition. Otherwise, the user can create a new account with a different email address and Liberty Reserve account as well.

7. Security

bLinkcash.com ® uses your personal information security software. In case of natural disasters and threats that are naturally comes or natural threats as the result of human intervention and manipulation, that is out of control and capabilities of the bLinkcash.com ®,then bLinkcash.com ® cannot provide any warranty coverage.


8. Privacy Policy Changes

If bLinkcash.com ® makes changes to this privacy policy, so the policy is effectively applied from the time they are uploaded in this privacy policy page, unless otherwise stated in the policy.

User understands and agrees that if they use the bLinkcash.com ® platform after the publication of the Privacy Policy, then the platform bLinkcash.com ® will assume that they agree with this Privacy Policy.


9. Third Party Links

Users need to know, as a platform with the basis of social internet marketing, there will the third party’s links on the site of bLinkcash.com ®. Any policy after users leave the site of bLinkcash.com ® both in the outer or within the frame is not the responsibility of bLinkcash.com ®.


10. The term of definitions in bLinkcash.com ®

'You' means you, people who use bLinkcash.com ® services, or visitors of the bLinkcash.com ® website.
'Site' or 'website' means bLinkcash.com ® or www.blinkcash.com ®.
'bLinkcash ™' means the management and staffs and the owner of the platform.