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Focus on uniqueness, quality, security and innovation has placed as a pioneer in the Internet Social Marketing. provides a much higher level medium of transactions that is very convenient, maximum reports and tracking, friendly online community-based customer services, and instant payment shortly after the sales completed.


Becoming a Vendor on will give you access to:

  1. Security and protection against fraud and abuse in online transactions;

  2. Access to the global marketing network – bLinkcashMall;

  3. Enthusiastic Publishers that are always eager to promote items that possess good quality and high sales rate;

  4. Rapid setting up process! Within minutes you are ready to sell your digital items and services worldwide through bLinkcashMall;

  5. system is able to track sales and Publishers’ commissions automatically and instantly, and these are transferred shortly after each transaction has been completed;

  6. Payment Link to lead your prospect buyers to the online Order Form. No special programming skills or other software needed.;

  7. Friendly management and energetic community members that are always ready to share their experiences.


Affordable Operational Costs:

  • Join as a vendor during the promo period for FREE;

  • Only $1 + 7% per transaction (will be divided proportionately when sales occur through the publisher)


Other Advanced Features (already included without any additional fees):

  1. Instant Payment Notification (IPN) right after the transaction has been completed;

  2. Flexibility to set commission starting from 0%, 5% to 100% or in any fixed amount of money;

  3. Reports, statistics (soon), and real time tools for generating sales;

  4. Social Share facilities on bLinkcashMall to facilitate Publisher to promote digital items/services that you sell;

  5. Facilities to limit access to the download page in several units such as hours, days, weeks, months, years or in the numbers of download pages opened. If it is not set then the download page will be available all the time for the buyer who has paid for your items / services. This feature will prevent your download page URL shared by irresponsible buyers;

  6. Income will be transferred shortly to your Liberty Reserve account once sales have been completed;

  7. Commission for Publisher will be transferred shortly to his / her Liberty Reserve account once sales have been completed


Start Now! have created a new approach in the internet marketing.
An approach which gives Vendor more freedom than before. 
An approach that enables you to get publisher exposure from an Affiliate Network and protection from chargeback that comes from Credit Card transaction
An approach that utilizes Liberty Reserve as the alternative payment processor.
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