bLinkcash Concerned Your Needs


bLinkcash understands that initiating a business is not easy without appropriate support tools, so bLinkcash has provided all the information that users need to help them in making better decision.
bLinkcash is committed to users and wants to make sure they obtain complete information before making big decisions.


One Account for All Benefits

bLinkcash offers convenience of accessing all data that users need in one account. It reduces the operational costs to maintain sales system, improves services to customer, and provides the search of online transaction data. All is available in 24 hours and 7 days a week. bLinkcash will do it automatically so that users do not lose any potential opportunities.


Liberty Reserve for Transaction Easiness and Credit Card Security

To suppress the proliferation of fraud in online usage of credit cards, bLinkcash utilizes Liberty Reserve services as a medium of online payment processor. All payments via Liberty Reserve are final so that vendors do not have to worry about chargeback that often displeases them.


bLinkcash Mall As Global Online Markets for Digital Products and Services

Global market is highly needed to build business on a large scale, bLinkcash provides online storefronts globally with large capacity for vendors to attract customers from all over the world and offer them a great deal of opportunity to browse the vendor’s products before deciding to buy online.


Instant Payment of Income and Commission

bLinkcash understands that operational fee is the heart of any business; therefore bLinkcash never intends to hold any vendor’s income and Publisher's commissions up to weeks or even months. Income and commissions will be transferred shortly to Vendor's and Publisher's Liberty Reserve accounts every time a transaction is successfully completed.


Support Facilities

As an online business platform, bLinkcash offers two support services, users can help one another in sharing important information rapidly in a community network, or premium users are able to contact trained staff to help them.